March 30, 2008

Attention all penguins! This is an important anouncement! The free Club Penguin membership drawings will be moved to the date of December 1, 2008. This also goes for the C.P.B.C.A.! I am sorry for the inconvenience! Also, the number guessing contest will probably be taken before April 5. I will videotape it! I hope that you all enjoy it!


Good luck with everything! And waddle on!



Ask BoB

March 21, 2008

Ello all you penguins! I am adding a new post to my webblog called “Ask BoB.” This will let you ask me questions about anything you need to know about Club Penguin!

 If you have any questions, leave it in the comments space! Remember to always scroll down too for cool stuff!

Waddle on!

Grrr Li Girl

a.k.a. BobbyGirl

Penguin of the Day

March 6, 2008

Hello penguins! I am opening something new called “Penguin of the Day.” This will be a project that will be updated every day. The penguins of all of the days for a month will be kept iny binder (this is where I keep all of my information for my website.) I will randomly select a name, and KABOOM! You get an award at the C.P.B.C.A.!

Today’s penguin will be:


Yay, for SprklyStrly! Congratulations!

There will be more penguins of the day when more people come to my site. Give me your penguin name and you will become famous!

Waddle on!



March 4, 2008

Hello penguins. I am opening a search party for the following penguins:


Uggs 11

Whoever finds these penguins and has them visit my website will get $40! This is no joke! Just to let you know, you are not allowed to say stuff like ”my website” or ”go to www aacp0 wordpress com,” etc. I’ve been trying to get them on for weeks!

Thanks and See ya!

BobbyGirl or Grrr Li Girl

Number Drawing Entrants

March 4, 2008

Hello all you penguins! I am now releasing the drawing entrants for this month. Remember, I will tell all of you the winner of this contest on April 5, 2008.

The contestants are as follows:

Brittany H. – 50

Ellysia R. – 23

Ariana G. – 18

Austin K. – 22

Jezreel O. – 10

Garret L. – 15

Hunter L. – 57

Nia H. – 12

Aiyana S.J. – 14

Alajandra V. – 3

Missy D. – 35

Jobie C. – 38

Thanks and Good luck!


Free Membership Drawing Entrants

March 4, 2008

Hello everybody. I am showing you the so-far entrants to the free monthly membership drawing. If your name isn’t on here, but you entered, please leave a comment to let me know!

Here they are:

Ariana G. – $3

Cabrina H. – $4

Alejandra V. – $3

Jezreel O. – $3

I will post more once I get more people to enter. Good luck!

Thanks and Love ya!



March 3, 2008

Hello everybody! This is something new that I am adding to my website! It is a contest. I will think of a number, and whoever is the closest will recieve five dollars in cash! (This time it will come out of my pocket!) There is no charge to enter! So good luck!

But, I will be nice enough to give you a hint! It’s a number that comes before 100. Once again good luck!


P.S. When one of you wins, leave your name and number in the comments space. (I will announce the winner.) As usual I will call you, tell you that you won in person, and get your address. The $5 will then be yours!

I am thinking of doing this drawing on April 6, 2008. I will try to videotape it if possible. Thank you!


March 2, 2008

Hello everybody! Today I will be releasing something totally new! I am going to start the Club Penguin Blue Carpet Awards! There will be many awards.

Please leave a comment every day or so often so I know how many viewers I have!

Thank you everyone!


P.S. This will take place on April 5, 2008.

Cheats and Glitches

March 2, 2008

Here are some of my cheats and glitches:

1 – There’s this one really cool glitch that, if done correctly, will make something float in the air wherever you go. Here are the simple steps:

a. Go to the help button on the bottom of your screen. Then put yourself on ultimate safe mode.

b. Find the place where the new pin/ free item is. (Right now the pin is at the cove! It is an anchor.)

c. Click on the item so the blue box pops up (the one that says: Would you like to pick up this item?)

d. Press tab until the yellow highlighter appears around the house button. Then press enter.

Now you have the item you chose to go wherever you go! (Note: Only you can see this glitch.)

2 – One of my cheats is how to get a lot of coins. The steps are simple! (If you don’t understand my steps, watch the video! There are also more cool videos on there, so once you finish the first one, you might want to check the others out too. Leave me a comment if you find out how to download the WPE Pro.)

a. Go to the undeground mine. (Located to the upper right of your screen.) Enter cart surfer.

b. When you are ”surfing,” use my method. Grind every single turn (Grinding is the down button plus the either right or left button.) Your moves should go as follows: space plus right or left, down plus space, space plus right or left, down plus space…

c. Messup on turns one, three, and seven.

This method should get you at least 500 coins per try. (Note: This will take some practice and skill, so if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t let failure overtake you.)



3 – Another glitch would be the one that, I have tried many times, and it doesn’t work, but it might for you. It is the glitch where you can walk on walls in the lighthouse.

a. Go to the lighthouse. Walk over to the box of fish by the stairs.

b. Click on the door out of the lighthouse, but then quickly click the picture of Rockhopper’s map.

This glitch is supposed to make you walk on walls. (This does not work for me so it might not work for you. I test everything that I put on my website just to make sure it is true. Note: Like all other glitches that I have so far tested, other penguins cannot see what you are doing. Sorry!)

4 – A third glitch would be the one where you can organize other penguin’s igloo:

a. Go to your igloo and click on the measure. Then click on your penguin. Get out your spy phone and head over to the HQ.

b. Click on the map and go to a member’s igloo. 

You can now move around their furniture. (Other penguins cannot see this and you’re awsome style will not stay the way you put it! But it is still really cool !)

5 – A last cheat that I will show you will be on this video:



March 2, 2008

Hello everybody. I know this website is for all of you Club Penguin needs, but we need your help.

My parents, Dr. Marc C. Hamilton and Dr. Michele H. Van Dyke have their own business. They just got a new laser that treats many problems. The way it works is (you will probably be bored by this) the laser sends out waves that make the mitochondria in each cell producee more energy for your body. This makes it so you can work out more often without getting sore or for many other reasons like pain in your back, etc.

Dr. Michele H. Van Dyke is now selling Mona-Vie, a juice that has all of your daily vegetables in it. These berries come from AFRICA. She is now selling them for $40 a bottle and $70 for two. So please, stop by Cornerstone Medical Group today!

Also, my parents would like more patients. So if you live somewhere close to Banning or San Bernadino, California, try to go to Cornerstone Medical Group. The addresses are 201 East Airport, Suite B, San Bernadino, CA, 92408 and 264 North Highland Springs, Suite 1A, Banning, CA, 92220.

The phone numbers are (for San Bernadino) 1.909.890.1888. for Dr. Michele H. Van Dyke her extension is 145. For Banning the number is 1.951.769.9955 for Dr. Marc C. Hamilton.

Remember, please mention this to your parents. They might need chiropractic help. OR maybe your grandparents need help functioning. We can use the laser to treat this! Thank you!

If you want a free membership…

March 1, 2008

Hi, my name is Bobby. My goal is to try to give penguins who don’t have memberships, to be able to have one. I’ve visited many websites where people would GIVE their penguin name and password to the people on that website. Of course, the people would swear and cuss on THEIR penguin. The owner of that penguin would then not have one.

With me, it’s going to be totally different. It’s going to work like this: In the comments area, you are to leave your name and phone number only. Once I see your name and phone number, I will call you, give you my address, and YOU will send me three – five dollars. This money will go into a box. There will be a drawing. (Please let me talk to your parents for their permission.) NO PENGUIN NAME OR PASSWORD REQUIRED!

If you send in three dollars, you will get three papers with YOUR name on it to go into a box. If you send in four dollars, you will get FOUR papers. If you send five dollars, you will get FIVE papers to go into the drawing box. 

At the end of each month, I will draw a name from the drawing box, and whoever’s name that is, will get how much money was in the box. I will once again call you, I will talk to your parent or guardian to tell them that you won, and will recieve … dollars. Hopefully, you will not use the money for some other type of thing, but will actually use it for Club Penguin.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave it in the comment space. I will cut off comments if there is swearing or advertising. I hope that you have fun at Club Penguin and have a good day!!! 


P.S. If you would like to meet me on Club Penguin, my name is Grrr Li Girl. I usually go on Bobsled or Rainbow. Thank you for visiting my site!

Also, if you would like to get my e-mail, ask me when I call you. Thanks!

Lastly, this is will take place on April 5, 2008.

Funny Club Penguin Pictures

March 1, 2008

Hello everybody, in this blog thing I will be showing you some funny Club Penguin pictures. Here they are:

clip_image00232.jpg   banned-1.png

Go Away! I’m Warning you!    

Hiding from my puffle   I won the lottery!  

by Dendo Guy