Hello everybody. I know this website is for all of you Club Penguin needs, but we need your help.

My parents, Dr. Marc C. Hamilton and Dr. Michele H. Van Dyke have their own business. They just got a new laser that treats many problems. The way it works is (you will probably be bored by this) the laser sends out waves that make the mitochondria in each cell producee more energy for your body. This makes it so you can work out more often without getting sore or for many other reasons like pain in your back, etc.

Dr. Michele H. Van Dyke is now selling Mona-Vie, a juice that has all of your daily vegetables in it. These berries come from AFRICA. She is now selling them for $40 a bottle and $70 for two. So please, stop by Cornerstone Medical Group today!

Also, my parents would like more patients. So if you live somewhere close to Banning or San Bernadino, California, try to go to Cornerstone Medical Group. The addresses are 201 East Airport, Suite B, San Bernadino, CA, 92408 and 264 North Highland Springs, Suite 1A, Banning, CA, 92220.

The phone numbers are (for San Bernadino) 1.909.890.1888. for Dr. Michele H. Van Dyke her extension is 145. For Banning the number is 1.951.769.9955 for Dr. Marc C. Hamilton.

Remember, please mention this to your parents. They might need chiropractic help. OR maybe your grandparents need help functioning. We can use the laser to treat this! Thank you!



5 Responses to “Advertisements”

  1. bobbygirl Says:

    Hello Everyone

    If you would like to advertise something FOR FREE, my website gets quite a bit of viewers which means that if you advertise here, (in the advertising spot, as long as it is for parent businesses, etc. NO WEBSITES!) you will get 1 out of 5 people to come to your family’s business!


  2. Cyclone999 Says:

    I hate to tell you this, but did you know that giving personal info such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. is bad? Someone can hire a hitman to come you knkow!

    Yes I know that but whose gonna come to a website called, by accident. What are the chances of that? I have people from my school joining this!
    Thanks for the great question! Write again!
    Also, I don’t allow those types of people on my website. I really only give my website out to people at my school…Thank you again!

  3. Wubiepower Says:

    This Website isnt about clubpenguin
    This is for us to go help u

    That is why I said that it is not for Club Penguin. And by the way, if your parents have a chance of going out of business, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say 😦
    That’s why we moved to Beaumont.

  4. Jade Says:

    Hallo i love this idea!! if you don’t remember that day in library bob i am under a illedge (fake) name i will talk to you on Monday outside Mr.Cantrell’s

    Ha ha! Oh yeah! Thanks for visiting my site! this is so freaken cool!

  5. madammusic4cp Says:

    1. Its not safe to put full names online. 2. My father sells that juice too!! omg!
    For your number one . You can trust me!! I even have my parents to talk to yours!! And number 2. AWESOME!!
    Thats pretty cool. And its okay if u dont want to join. I know how there are all those weird o’s out there.
    Brev BoBy

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