Cheats and Glitches

Here are some of my cheats and glitches:

1 – There’s this one really cool glitch that, if done correctly, will make something float in the air wherever you go. Here are the simple steps:

a. Go to the help button on the bottom of your screen. Then put yourself on ultimate safe mode.

b. Find the place where the new pin/ free item is. (Right now the pin is at the cove! It is an anchor.)

c. Click on the item so the blue box pops up (the one that says: Would you like to pick up this item?)

d. Press tab until the yellow highlighter appears around the house button. Then press enter.

Now you have the item you chose to go wherever you go! (Note: Only you can see this glitch.)

2 – One of my cheats is how to get a lot of coins. The steps are simple! (If you don’t understand my steps, watch the video! There are also more cool videos on there, so once you finish the first one, you might want to check the others out too. Leave me a comment if you find out how to download the WPE Pro.)

a. Go to the undeground mine. (Located to the upper right of your screen.) Enter cart surfer.

b. When you are ”surfing,” use my method. Grind every single turn (Grinding is the down button plus the either right or left button.) Your moves should go as follows: space plus right or left, down plus space, space plus right or left, down plus space…

c. Messup on turns one, three, and seven.

This method should get you at least 500 coins per try. (Note: This will take some practice and skill, so if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t let failure overtake you.)



3 – Another glitch would be the one that, I have tried many times, and it doesn’t work, but it might for you. It is the glitch where you can walk on walls in the lighthouse.

a. Go to the lighthouse. Walk over to the box of fish by the stairs.

b. Click on the door out of the lighthouse, but then quickly click the picture of Rockhopper’s map.

This glitch is supposed to make you walk on walls. (This does not work for me so it might not work for you. I test everything that I put on my website just to make sure it is true. Note: Like all other glitches that I have so far tested, other penguins cannot see what you are doing. Sorry!)

4 – A third glitch would be the one where you can organize other penguin’s igloo:

a. Go to your igloo and click on the measure. Then click on your penguin. Get out your spy phone and head over to the HQ.

b. Click on the map and go to a member’s igloo. 

You can now move around their furniture. (Other penguins cannot see this and you’re awsome style will not stay the way you put it! But it is still really cool !)

5 – A last cheat that I will show you will be on this video:




3 Responses to “Cheats and Glitches”

  1. bobbygirl Says:


    These are some pretty good cheats and glitches!
    You should try them out!


  2. Jade Says:

    Their are!! again I love this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sprklystrly Says:

    Hi BobbyGirl!
    I LOVE this website too!
    Although I can not watch any of the videos you put up, the cheats were cool!!
    I also would like to add that on the third glitch you can simply click on the door in your igloo and just before you go out you click on the tape measure. Then you click on the members igloo and do whatever. You can also go to your friends house after that.
    Alas since Disney took over, that glitch and others have been solved and fixed.

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