Ask BoB

Ello all you penguins! I am adding a new post to my webblog called “Ask BoB.” This will let you ask me questions about anything you need to know about Club Penguin!

 If you have any questions, leave it in the comments space! Remember to always scroll down too for cool stuff!

Waddle on!

Grrr Li Girl

a.k.a. BobbyGirl


11 Responses to “Ask BoB”

  1. bobbygirl Says:

    Hey everybody. Just to let you know where all the eggs are:
    1. First egg @ Dock on the post by the Boat.
    2. Second Egg @ the Mine on the latern (upper left.)
    3. Third egg @ Pet Shop. Click on the red puffle at top right in a cage.
    4. Fourth egg @ Book Room, to get the green egg, click on the green plant (upper left.)
    5. Fifth egg @ the Gift Shop in Town on the puffle poster in the upper right part of your screen.
    6. Sixth egg @ the Plaza. Click the lamp between the Pet Shop and the Play Place by the Mask.
    7. The seventh egg is @ the Attic. it is not by the rocking horse, but it is in the box on the bottom left part of your screen.
    8. the eighth egg and last egg is @ the Dojo. Be Quick! This smart ninja egg dispears and reappears quickly! Hint: Get it when it is on the top part where it comes accross the top.
    Your Welcome!
    Waddle on!

  2. micronik Says:

    Hey bobbygirl,
    Thank you for visiting my site. You can see, I have no hits. My name is Micro Nik and my website is Thank you for your support.
    -micro nik
    Hey micro nik.I was just glad I could help!! You are officially on my blogroll! I wish the best to you and your website!!

  3. micronik Says:

    Hi-ho penguins,

    It being spring break and all, I decided to have a Random Spring Party in my igloo!!!! It wil be ALL WEEK in my igloo in the Klondike Server (USA).

    Dont miss it!

    -micro nik
    Sounds cool!! I’ll try to come!!

  4. ladyipod Says:

    hi bob!It’s lady Ipod, can I add you on my blogroll? but If I do you need to add me on yours. for pictures you can just copy past mine. We can go together you can pose I’ll take the picture you copy it and paste it on your site. You just have to write a link to my site. Sounds good?
    Comment me when you add me.
    -Lady Ipod

    hey. yes. it sounds good!
    i will add you as soon as possible. it is just really hard right now because i am on vacation so i cant really do anything!!!

  5. joshshicool Says:

    Sorry i am not able to add you on to my blogroll, read the blogroll rules

    but i am your friend!!

  6. joshshicool Says:

    You can deleted me off your blogroll if you like, or wait until 20,000 hits or be my friend! 😉

    hey josh~ i am your friend!!!
    i will NEVER EVER EVER take you off of my blogroll!!
    you are too nice for me to do that!!!

  7. micronik Says:

    Check out the new Cp Ninjas page on my site!
    -micro nik

  8. kitkat17070 Says:

    i really want to be ur buddy on cp
    so plz be on mammoth anytime in weekends and i might meet u
    be at the dock plz
    luv ur webby

    ok. lets meet sunday. tomorrow. 10 o’clock. dock. bobsled. ok??

  9. sprklystrly Says:

    Hi BobbyGirl
    I am a new penguin on CP and I don’t know anything!!!
    Could you please help me by becoming my friend and showing me around?
    I’ve heard of tour guides but I can’t find anybody who will!!!
    I can go on CP mostly everyday after 4:00pm and all day on weekends.
    Tell me when you are available.
    Helpless,a.k.a sprklystrly

    Sounds Great!

    Nice. haha.
    Hey. Let’s meet at 5:30 PM Thursday. Bobsled. American Server. Dock.
    Got that?

  10. sprklystrly Says:

    It sounds like a good plan.
    I will be there defenitly although there is a small chance that I might not be there due to other plans.
    Well I’m looking forward to Thursday!
    See ya!

  11. sprklystrly Says:

    Also how do you get the little pics next to your comment?

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