Hello everybody! My name is Bobby (not really but everyone calls me that!) I am a sixth grade honor student at Mountain View Middle School. I have been taking gymnastics ever since I was five and am now in Intermediates. I am looking forward to joining karate, since I have strong arms.

I have many pets. Two dogs: A german sheperd, Sandy, and a black lab, Duke. We own two birds: A yellow parakeet, Tweetie (my bird), and my sister’s bird, a green parakeet, Jocko. We used to have a pond full of fish and two guinea pigs. But then we moved, and we had to give my guinea pigs because my mom said they smelled. We couldn’t take the pond with us either, so we left our fish. But I am still happy, in fact, happier, in our Beaumont home.

I decided to make this website because I wanted to help penguin in Club Penguin. I know how hard it is to do all of these different things on the internet, so I made one, easy to handle website where many people visit every day.

Many of the people who come on my website just say ”Oh, another boring website. One that doesn’t give any information.” I know this because whenever I go to a website I say the same thing! But sometimes you have to look a little bit harder.

My website gives a lot. I mean, I haven’t heard of ONE website that gives away free memberships without hacking your penguin. Isn’t that right?

If you have any questions or comments for me to add to my website, leave a comment in the comments space.




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